Sign on to the current policy demands:

By completing this form, I authorize my organization to be listed as endorsing the following state and local policy demands:

  • Health Care Access for All

    • Make Health Care Safe and Accessible for Everyone, No Exception

    • Ensure People Can Access Public Health Insurance Programs

    • Require Large Employers to Provide Health Insurance

    • Fully Cover COVID-19 Care and Treatment

    • Provide Relief to Minnesotans in the Private Health Insurance Market

    • Provide Emergency Funds for Disability Support Workers

    • Ensure that Medicine is Affordable

  • Affording Our Lives

    • Provide Immediate Financial Support for Those Falling through the Cracks

    • Establish Local Emergency Funds to Support Those Most in Need

    • Continue Paying Hourly School District Workers

    • Give All Workers Paid Time to Care for Themselves and Their Families

    • Ensure Paid Family and Medical Leave for All Workers

    • Increase the Minimum Wage at the MSP Airport

    • Stop Employer Fraud

    • Increase Support for Organizations Helping to Enforce Labor Laws

    • Incentivize Worker-Owned Cooperatives

  • Housing as Health Care

    • Provide a Future Free from Debt

    • Pass Tenant Rights and Protections

    • Invest in Housing as Infrastructure

    • Halt All Utility Shutoffs and Order Reconnections

  • Safety in Our Workplaces

    • Provide Proper Equipment to Protect Workers

    • Protect Vulnerable Workers and Family Members

    • Protect Workers Who Follow COVID Guidance

    • Require Healthcare Employers to Take Every Effort to Slow the Spread of Infection

  • Farm and Food Security

    • Stop Farm Foreclosures

    • Invest in Community-based Food Systems

    • Suspend Mega Dairy Expansions

    • Provide Emergency Farm Income

    • Provide Specialty Crop Farmers with Farm Business Instructors Who Understand Their Businesses

  • Protecting Democracy

    • Allow All Voters to Vote-by-Mail

    • Strengthen Online Voter Registration

  • Free Them All

    • Humanize and Decarcerate Minnesota's Incarcerated

    • Stop Holding People on Unaffordable Cash Bail

    • Allow All Essential Workers to Apply for a Driver’s License


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