Mutual Aid Funds

The Immigrant Family Fund is a grassroots fundraising effort to collect resources for immigrant families that don’t qualify for any state or federal support AND who because of COVID19 are pushed deeper into the shadows with little or few resources available to meet their immediate needs. 

We are all better off when we are all healthy -- especially the most vulnerable among us. 

Anyone person’s wellness depends on everyone else’s. Whether it’s people with chronic health conditions or our undocumented or mixed-status families who can’t forgo a paycheck to stay home, we must ensure all of us can access the care we need and have the support required to make the best choices for everyone’s health.

Times of crisis like this make very clear who our society considers worthy of accessing safety, health care, and protection. As undocumented immigrants, elders, and youth we know we are among the historically unprotected people and we face systemic challenges to access institutional resources -- at the local, state and federal level. So, as our ancestors before us and as a living testament of peoples who have survived the unimaginable, we must fashion our own tools for our liberation and survival. 

This moment reminds us that we are all siblings, capable of showing up in radical solidarity with one another. That same solidarity has united many organizations to form a united response under MN COVID Response  to look out for one another and create systemic changes. Out of that front, we are creating this mutual aid fund fiscally sponsored by Navigate/Unidos MN in partnership with Black Immigrant Collective to provide a safety net for immigrant families who have been impacted by the economic crisis arising out of this moment and for families who are front line workers: janitors, service and food industry workers, meatpacking and dairy workers, paraprofessional educators. 

In the spirit of abundance, we call on you to share your financial resources and stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable.